Monday, June 5, 2017

Saguaro Blessings

You know that the stereotypical thing people think of when they hear the word cactus:

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Yeah that one! It's actually incredibly rare. Saguaros are only found in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona and northern Sonora, Mexico. And unless people come through Arizona central and southern Arizona, they likely have never seen one of these in real life.

The first time I remember being in the Sonoran Desert was in the summer of 2015. I dropped down into the Valley and I was amazed at the Saguaros. I would look every single one, or at least I attempted to do so. If I could have taken picture after picture of Saguaros, I would have. They are just so cool to have around, especially if you aren't used to it!

This past summer, I drove from Northern Utah to Southern Arizona moving to graduate school. I stopped at the very first Saguaro I saw to take a picture, even though it had no arms, it was merely a stalk.

Image may contain: 1 person, sky, cloud, outdoor and closeupI've now lived in the Sonoran Desert for almost 10 months. Sometimes, I catch myself not loving the Saguaros like I used to. I see them, and sometimes they seem as commonplace as a tree anywhere else. Other times, I just sit back and think of how awesome it is I'm living in the one place on earth with these majestic plants.

Now, I did not write this post simply to talk about the majesties of Saguaros. What do they mean for us? Like the Sonoran Desert, the restored Gospel and the church which espouses it is home to a relatively few number of people. People from outside the area know about bits and pieces of it, and may even enjoy trying to hold the belief, but these beliefs are only native to the Everlasting Gospel.

Without the Restoration, the following would not be restored: the necessity of baptism, Priesthood keys, Aaronic vs Melchizedek Priesthoods in roles and responsibilities, Patriarchal Blessings, the significance of the scattering and gathering of Israel, sealings, Temple Work for the Living and the Dead, Degrees of Glory, Premortality, the Plan of Redemption, the station of Mother Eve, our divine potential, the role of the Holy Ghost, the Nature of the Godhead, how to repent, The Book of Mormon, how to receive revelation, and many, many more. These blessings surround us so much, we sometimes forget how glorious they are. Like the saguaros, we can choose to constantly remain in awe or we will slide back into complacency. Let's remain in awe!