Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Battle Plan

We are at war! The Book of Mormon's war chapters serve several purposes. One of the main purposes is to teach us tactics on how to defeat Satan. Some principles I have drawn out through recent study has helped me through some recent struggles I had, as I implemented these battle plans into my own life. I will share a few with you to whet your appetite, but you will truly come to find your individualized Battle Plan as you study the Book of Mormon, and have revelatory experiences, particularly with the War Chapters.

Alma 50:1 in part reads, "Moroni did not stop making preparations for war". It's a rather easy line to overlook in the verse. But, by focusing on it, knowing that we are each in a war, a personal war fought by the destroyer of men in an attempt to destroy you, the principle comes out. We should always be preparing for the next battle through our scripture study, Sabbath observance, and our daily prayers to the Almighty. 

We should not be so focused on doing good and doing things to strengthen us when the trial is here. We should be prepping for the next attack through listening to the Spirit to give us direction as to the next big thing we need to be doing. Revelation does not come all at once, it usually comes in "what's the next step?" ways. In other words, "What Lack I Yet?". 

The Spirit is able to lead you and guide you in the battle plan needed for the upcoming battles. He is a watchman on the tower who can speak to you every minute of every day, if you allow him. When you receive the battle plan, you will be blessed to follow, but God will hold you accountable to the battle plan you are given. 

Monday evening, as I climbed into bed, I realized that I haven't been studying the scriptures like I should have, and I know it was totally the Spirit telling me that I needed to get on it. I received personal instruction that, in my case, I needed to contact a specific friend and ask him to let me report what I learned in scripture study that day. So, I started on Monday, and continued strong every day this week. Today, I had a battle with anxiety I struggle with. I was pretty low all day long, but the study I've been having out of the war chapter this week, in addition to help of several close friends, has kept me strong.

Each one of us is fighting a different battle. Thus, each one of us will have a different battle plan. If you don't know what your battle plan is, get a pen, get some paper, and start studying the scriptures, demanding revelation for your battle plan. The Lord will tell you simple things you can do. It may be to start waking up at 6:30 again, or it may be to ask someone out on a date. Whatever it may be, follow it, and the Lord will guide you to the path He needs you on to make both the best defense and the best offense against the adversary in your life's terrain.