Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reflections 2014-2015

This year has been a really crazy one for me. Since the end of last school year, I got physical therapy that made me finally be able to go long time periods without crutches. I've lived with people who have driven me to the verge of insanity. I've made some amazing new friends, and was able to reconnect with several old friends. I watched one of my closest friends go through very stressful times in his life. I've been sick for weeks on end, yet still made the Dean's list. I was able to oversee the Sunday School in my ward (congregation) as the Sunday School President, and was able to see the Lord's hand in how he directs His church quite vividly. I've also seen how He is in the details of our lives in many numerous ways, down to the very places we live so we can touch certain lives. I've been able to see two of my really good friends enter the waters of baptism and make covenants with the Lord. I've seen other friends progress on the path towards making those covenants, and it has brought me such great joy to know them. I've had major spiritual insights I will not soon forget, and have come to know the Lord more personally as I've been more honest with myself and with others. I've learned at a much deeper level that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is just that: the Church of Jesus Christ in the Latter days, filled with His saints. Jesus Christ lives and He stands at the head of the church. I know Him, and His love and trust for me. I wouldn't have made it through this year without the help of y'all, and I pray that as I journey through this summer and next school year, I will allow him to guide the path of my feet that many souls may come unto Him.