Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"This is the Spirit of Revelation" -Doctrine & Covenants 8:3

Sometimes, I think of Moses in the hours before the Egyptians came, standing at the coasts of the Red Sea, overlooking it. Then, looking around the camp of Israel, seeing the children playing, and the adults rejoicing in their newfound freedom. When off in the distance, the rumble of chariots is heard. Panic sweeps across the camp, and everyone looks to Moses to figure out what to do.

Then the thought returns to him from Sinai a little earlier, "thou shalt be made stronger than many waters; for they shall obey thy command as if thou wert God" (Moses 1:25). He wonders why the thought came to him. It seemed so weird. Then, he looked over the Red Sea, and a gentle nudge led him towards it. As he starts walking towards it, the people follow, getting a little weirded out by what he was doing.

The chariots get closer, and Moses's heart starts beating a little faster. "I don't know what I'm doing! What do I need to do????" Then, he takes a breath, as the children of Israel start panicing all around him. A thought comes into his mind, it doesn't make any sense, but it feels right. He stretched his hand over the edge of the water, and it parted and the ground was even dry. Israel walked through, while Egypt perished. 

Sometimes we receive strange revelations that make no sense. We often don't follow those promptings, and lose right to gain more. When we do listen to the the still small voice in our minds and our hearts, we come to understand that miracles do happen as we follow the path that leads to them.

Even those miracles which are mighty and earth shattering, often come from the small and simple things. If you want your life to change, ask for the miracle, then trust in God and his appointed servants, following the still, small voice, and you will see miracles.