Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Take it off!

Far too often in our lives, we put on masks: masks of confidence, masks of perfection, masks of purity and so forth. We often wear these masks so often that even good friends don't really know us, and we become afraid to take it off for fear of judgement, because we all want to fit in.

Those masks are not who you are. Who you are is your true self. If you are constantly wanting to hide those things from others for whatever reason, either you shouldn't be doing it or your fear of man is greater than your fear of God.

We all have weaknesses. Some, like me, get depressed. Some struggle with addictions. Some are afraid to be who they really are out of fear of what others might think. Some wear masks of pride to help themselves feel better. Regardless of  why you wear your mask: take it off!

Don't get me wrong! I am not saying to broadcast every struggle you have to the world. I am not saying that you shouldn't edify others with insights, which might make you feel hypocritical saying. What I am saying is this: if you go at lengths to hide who you really are, you should stop it!

Don't let people see you as perfect, let them see you on the path to perfection. More inspiration comes from a man who has fought off thousands of demons than one who has never faced one in their life.

And the greatest irony of it all, is we wear all our masks over a mask. We each have a mask put upon us by the world which says that you are nothing special at all. You are just a human, and nobody really cares about you. While the trend in the media has started to go away from that, with countless shows including lines about how we're all important, the world continues to say that you aren't important: you have no value; you're just like everyone else.

Beneath that mask imposed upon us, we find that we have a divine potential. We have the DNA of our Heavenly Father! Nothing can be done to stop our progress but allowing ourselves to be weighed down by the world.

Take off your masks, and let your divine identity shine!