Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What I hear without Hearing Aids

So, I was ill today, and couldn't hear, or bear to put in my hearing aids, so I listened into a conversation a bunch of guys from my YSA ward were having in the lobby, and this is what I heard:

How do you know the quorum of the twelve? I have to count them. Do it! Dude! I turned in the French Toast. That smelled bad. I ate a dog! That would have been so good, but Kam and Brody did it. Why is that girl up there? Meet me in my town house. The Constitution nation! Procrastinators unite tomorrow. I honestly don't want to eat a duck. I don't want to look at my Suzie lotion. What a colsh song you playing! You said Saratov! You said Sarahaving! Erik wants a duck. Guuuuuiiiiiillllllteeeeeeeee! Here, don't have it. You actually got diagnosed with Brody cancer? I know...I'm talking with a guitar. You got skills today! I have to poop! Ah yeah! There's a room of females reading scriptures wearing black and white in a Trojan scene, with Bud light. I was like playing the piano...*screams*